Vendor Exchange

Local Entry Overview
Goal: To obtain specific ongoing research data directly from local business in reference to ultra-targeted web platforms.

As the Nielsen audience measurement system gathers data from selected viewers, so does AMD News internet data research division with internet advertising. We are selecting specific local businesses based on type and geographic area, for the purpose of running targeted commercial video then obtaining feedback data directly from the participants.

  • There is never a cost required to be in an AMD News project.
  • No personal or customer data from the participating business.
  • Your business can not have more than 100 employees

Vendor Exchange Summary:
Vendor agrees to have AMD News advertise them in their local area on the internet sites at no service or production fees at any time.
Vendor services all jobs from the advertisement in a professional and courteous manner.
Vendor fill out survey form every 90 days

Execution of exchange:
AMD News creates a free full professional digital commercial video for your business (details below-you have full creative input, proofing approval to publish) and distributes it in a targeted internet platform according to the demographics the participant sets up.














 We engage your video on our platform for the area:
Our net platform senses when someone is searching or speaking about online about your product or services, searching or speaking on Facebook posts and so on, then locks on to those devices (people) and  plays your video for them as soon as they visit one of the sites we service. (currently 95% of all sites that air video) Roku, streaming TV, internet, all platforms are included.

It Is similar to the Google re-targeting system, where after searching for something you start seeing ads for that product or service, in video format, not a banner.

The ad video is played before they watch the video they came to the site to watch (pre-roll), just like when you go to YouTube to watch a video and a commercial plays first. UNLIMITED IMPRESSIONS. When someone is interested in utilizing your services while watching your ad they click on your video to go to your site. This is another way we get paid from the site owners for generating the traffic, original content, and now clicks.

Why are you doing this free service for your business? Sounds to good to be true.
Our firm makes a very hefty profit by simply utilizing your commercial as original content and on websites to increase the SEO, clicks and general value of their “web real estate”. This  enables the site owners to sell their own advertising at a premium. Like YouTube, the more hits, clicks and traffic on their pages, the more they can sell their advertising for. We do not sell the advertising for sites, this is done by other entities.

With our large in-house studios, staff and distribution engine network that we currently utilize for news related content at our disposal, producing and distributing your commercial is not a costly venture for our firm compared to the research data profit.

We also provide this exchange service for many different types of business;catering, insurance, car sales Etc.. and in areas all around the US, so millions of video commercials playing, all the people clicking on them, and we get paid for the clicks/traffic.

This is why we have no need to charge the local business to advertise their company and services, at any time. Our firm makes much more over time for just supplying traffic via unique business adverts.

This is not a new concept, and is the basic backbone of how blogs, search engines and other web entities such as YouTube generate hits to increase their ad sales. We just approached it from a different angle.

For more info simply search Google for “why original content is so valuable” or check out some quick links:(we are not affiliated with these sites in any way: 

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Simply, what does this all mean to me? : Since we need REAL original local content for our data and clicks in local areas from actual businesses, and have no problem creating and distributing the content for you for free utilizing our resources, you take the jobs, service them well and it is nothing but a “win win” scenario for both parties.