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PLEASE NOTE: We are an industry only firm serving the news community (editors, local and national news outlets). We do not offer our services to the public. Please see an authorized AMD News outlet.

American Media Distribution, A division of AMD News Media,  is one of the largest news and event coverage and broadcasting firms in the world. The core firm of AMD News has over 20 years of experience in the news and broadcasting distribution fields.

HISTORY: The core originated in 1998 with the development and implementation of some of the first digital media distribution networks in the USA and throughout the Americas.

The new distribution firm American Media Distribution has been growing exponentially since its inception in 2010,  and continues to be an innovator in the news coverage and news delivery systems industry.

1998: AMD News  - 2010: American Media Distribution- 2011 - Broadcasting and Wire Division - 2015:Fiber Optic Divisions and new site portals

With over 1400 reporters around the globe, American Media Distribution is currently the second largest freelance journalist pool in the world.

These are just some of the services AMD News provides:

Reporter Subcontracting - Creation of Content for Newsrooms and Publications - Satellite Trucks - Live News Broadcasting - News Production and Broadcasting Personnel - Fiber Op News Lines - Fiber Op Wire Services Installation and Implementation - WebCasting

American Media Distribution Company Statement: American Media Distribution strives to provide quality information and accurate up-to-date news content, and to deliver this content in a timely convenient manner to newsrooms, media outlets, publication editors and assignment coverage clients. AMD Headline News and it's subsidiaries endeavor to provide the best journalists, authors, photographers and reporters to our media outlet clients.

The New AP ENPS News Production System

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With a global presence and sterling reputation, American Media Distribution is here to stay. 

Reporter Subcontracting

With over 1400 reporters around the globe, American Media Distribution is currently the second largest freelance journalist pool in the world.

US Headline News and US Global Reporting (AMD News) continues to be a reliable source of live news, event, political, war and weather coverage, including original contact creation and delivery to a private worldwide network of newsrooms and publication editors worldwide. 


American Media Distribution Reporting has a "world-wide web" of professional journalists and reporters located in virtually every city in the United States, and over 15 countries abroad. Our global converge is unprecedented in the industry.

Our network of reporters gather first hand information directly from the field. Our journalists and reporters are ready to cover any news event, major music concert, sporting event, festival, restaurant openings celebrity event, political event, art gallery opening, or whatever the assignment parameters call for to get the story straight from the source. 

American Media Distribution Reporting is a comprehensive news coverage network of reporters in the Americas, including the US (National Circuit), Canada and Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe (including saturated coverage of Central and Eastern Europe), Middle East, and Africa.

Supplying reliable journalist coverage, streaming and breaking news content is an ever growing need in the digital information world in which we live. AMD Headline News continuously fills this ever growing need in a professional precise manner.

Content Creation and Newsroom Distribution 

American Media Distribution feeds large and small media outlets, including  publication and other news sources, with a vast variety of content.

American Media Distribution creates all of its original contact for AMD Headline News delivery to our publisher and newsroom clients.

American Media Distribution delivers a myriad of content types such as current events, breaking news, product quality reviews, event coverage and much more. American Media Distribution also maintains the "US Headline Wire Services", a world-wide RSS, Fiber Op and web interface content feed resource.

Our streaming content department disseminates a wide variety of content and media to publications and newsrooms. Distribution to a global mobile audience via a variety of platforms and aggregators. This includes Full Text translations in simplified-PRC Chinese and traditional Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, and Spanish.

High speed Fiber Optic delivery to your newsroom or your publication editor provides virtually instant access to the latest news broadcasts, both live and redistributed, and the world's largest original content libraries.

American Media Distribution networks offer more than 150 industry segments to provide highly targeted news delivery to relevant media outlets. American Media Distribution also provides services for issue-specific news such as public policy, political issues and sports and music events as they happen. Demographic markets include Hispanic, African and Asian American.

Newsroom Integration Workflow

Deliver your story seamlessly with integrations that support your workflow from beginning to end - read more...

End-to-End, Story-Centric and Multiplatform News Production and Distribution

Built for multi-site collaboration and extensive deployments, Our news solutions drive operations in many of the world’s largest newsrooms. The solution also comes as a scaled-down, turnkey template implementation that meets the budget and requirements of small and mid-sized operations, while keeping the full benefits of Unified News Operations.


BroadStream Solutions develops forward-thinking, software-based, integrated playout solutions that combine automation, playout and graphics in a single, fully-integrated, playout platform.


CAMIO Universe from ChyronHego is a template-based asset management solution that provides a unified workflow around news graphics creation, production and playout.


ClassX develops high performance, reliable software and complex systems specialized to ensure a complete management of media and graphics for live events, data-based automated audiovisual content workflows, and other critical environments.


Compix is a broadcast graphics solution that allows all users within a newsroom computer system environment to directly insert computer graphic events into any news show script.


Crispin supplies master control automation and asset management solutions — including integrated digital archiving and cataloging — for broadcasters, cable operators and other television and media operations.


CueScript is home to the world's first complete IP-based prompting solution. CueScript's CueiT Software solution is an operator and production friendly prompting software for use in studio floor, newsrooms and corporate environments.

Digital Broadcast NewsBank

Digital Broadcast’s NewsBank is a newsroom system that automates the ingest, editing and playout functions of television news departments. NewsBank integrates its automation and server technology with craft editing software and ENPS to provide stations with flawless newscasts.

ENCO Systems

ENCO delivers world class broadcast solutions to thousands of television and radio broadcasters around the globe. ENCO’s DAD ActiveX modules allow users to have an embedded environment, which allows them to edit and playback audio, manage audio assets, and view a prompting display within ENPS.


EVS’ IPDirector offers broadcasters and producers a unique opportunity to boost their workflow’s speed and efficiency. The new content production management suite integrates extended features for live editing in HD, as well as in 3D.

Gallery Sienna

Sienna is a complete end-to-end digital media infrastructure for news, sports and production featuring a tightly integrated MOS connection to ENPS. Workflow elements including ingest, asset management, video editing integration, ENPS client integration, automation, playout and archive.

Grass Valley

Grass Valley provides broadcast solutions that help customers create, control and connect content wherever, however and whenever it is consumed.



HiTech Systems’ AViTA News Control system is available as an option to the AViTA production control system. Designed for news, sports and more, it consists of a MOS gateway, GUI and a range of ‘Betacart’ styled hardware control panels.



IBIS ServerPlay News for ENPS is a scalable, intuitive application offering ultimate flexibility for news playout. ServerPlay can control multiple video server ports from a single user interface.


Imagine Communications provides broadcasters, networks, video service providers and enterprises around the world with optimized, future-proof, multiscreen video and ad management solutions.


InterTech Media

InterTech Media's Vortal CMS is ideal for media-oriented websites — including browsers and apps — and is fully enabled for seamless bidirectional integration with ENPS.

Jutel RadioMan

RadioMan integration with ENPS is specifically designed for the modern radio newsroom, allowing journalists working with any news terminal to easily produce scripts, audio clips and rundowns for the shows played out in RadioMan.


Masstech provides innovative software solutions to help media organizations manage their valuable digital media content and related information throughout its lifecycle.


Media & Broadcast Technologies

The Phoenix suite is a premier solution for ingest, transmission and media management with a modular design that allows it to be integrated easily into the workflows of any size station.

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