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Overview of Article: The effect of new legislation on local businesses -Direct response

In Nov of 2017 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), in a 3-2 vote, approved an order allowing “television broadcasters to use the ‘Next Generation’ broadcast television (Next Gen TV) transmission standard, also called ‘ATSC 3.0.’”  Described in  the Order “as the world’s first Internet Protocol (IP)-based broadcast transmission platform,” the Next Gen TV standard is expected to allow broadcasters to provide more targeted advertisements to individual viewers.  Some had expressed concerns over the collection of the demographic and consumer data necessary for Next Gen TV targeted advertising, and applicable privacy safeguards for the new standard.  At this stage though, the FCC majority took a wait and see approach to privacy concerns.

Research Goal: (Second half 7250-Digital)
AMD News is obtaining a controlled data set to publish in reference to the new legislation ATSC 3.0.and how it is going to impact local business across America.

We are selecting specific local businesses based on type and geographic area, for the purpose of running targeted commercial video then obtaining feedback data directly from the participants to compare data to current TV statistics (Neilson rating system) (Data set 7147).

  • No personal or customer data from the participating business.
  • Your business can not have more than 100 employees

Sheila Seles of the Advertising Research Foundation suggested that rather than trying to make online ratings look more like TV’s, we should be doing things the other way around — using the powers of the internet to alter the way we measure our viewership.

“Think of [all] the cool ways we can measure digital habits — engagement, segmentation, behavioral tracking — why aren’t we applying that knowledge to television?” she asked. “It’s all digital! There’s a computer in your cable box, so why aren’t we using it right? It just seems so backwards to me.”

Advertisers, she said, need to think outside the box they’ve built for themselves, and that includes taking a long hard look at the “C3” metric. Today, the television advertising system basically trades  solely in “C3,” which measures how much of a commercial break viewers are watching. But if you’re watching a recorded program on your DVR and you fast forward through the commercials, the C3 rating isn’t counted. Additionally, if you watch the recorded program more than three days after it originally aired, it also loses much of its impact. Nielsen still tracks those stats, but they don’t hold as much weight.

Further, if an online view is to be measured alongside a television view, it has to have the exact same commercial b eak in length and brand and order on both mediums for it to factor in the C3 metric. And as of now, only the Turner Broadcasting Network channels (including TBS and TNT) seems interested in using the same ads online as on live television.

FCC Authorizes Next Gen TV Broadcast Standard

Document Dates

Released On: Nov 20, 2017

Comment: Feb 20, 2018

Adopted On: Nov 16, 2017

Issued On: Nov 20, 2017

Document Numbers

DA/FCC: FCC-17-158


FCC adopts a Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking authorizing television broadcasters to use the Next Generation television transmission standard (ATSC 3.0) on a voluntary, market-driven basis Document Type: Report and Order FCC Record: FCC-17-158A1_Rcd.pdf Bureau(s): Media
PART - 1

30 Second Digital Commercial Production

1.) Full Scripting: A professional TV commercial director will be scripting your TV commercial for your business. You can supply the script as you know your business better than we do, but we are here to create it from scratch if you wish

2.) Dynamic, moving text, masks, banners- We can stylize your message to add flare and motion to catch the eye.

3.) Professional motion stills or full video: (if supplied by customer) - AMD will produce a motion still commercial of a previous print ad you have done in the past, or utilize pictures and motion text from our vast library of content to create a new commercial for you from scratch. You may supply us with a full motion video that can be incorporated as well.

4.) Music: Quality stereo or Dolby 5.1 soundtrack for maximum impact. If you have a preference of genre we will be happy to accommodate. You can choose to have no music at all and just the voice-over message.

5.) Video Proofing: a Windows-friendly video preview copy of your complete ad and 1 Broadcast version delivered to the network, station, or cable TV system for airing. You can make up to 4 changes.



Level 2 Option
Should Level 2 Option purchase rights apply, all normal AMD client commercial extras are included: *Level 2 -Business has the option to upgrade the production quality and ownership to level 2 commercial for no charge - only the purchase of voiceover rights to the commercial for unlimited play by owners and actual ownership of the spot (on  either internet and TV) would this VO charge apply. -$239.

Business understands that this is not in any way a requirement for this assignment.

 Extras Included with Level 2:

1.) Full Voiceover Scripting: A professional TV commercial director will be scripting your TV commercial for your business. You can supply the script as you know your business better than we do, but we are here to create it from scratch if you wish.


2.) Professional voiceover narration: A professional voiceover actor will vocalizing the scripting the director laid out on  storyboards for your TV commercial. *Some constraints apply. No celebrities or celebrity impressions are available.

3.) You keep your commercial for life: AMD will supply you with the final commercial in a digital format so that you may  utilize for your final production on any network or in any fashion you wish. Unlimited amount of airings with no additional royalty fees.


4.) Your commercial can be embedded: We will provide you with the embedding code so that your webmaster can  embed the commercial into your website. We will also provide a direct link to the YouTube video if you would like to just  link it instead of embedding it.


5.) Full broadcast ready: The final commercial will be ready for broadcast on any internet program, cable or broadcast  TV network. We will take care of sending to them for you


6.) Your commercial will be posted: on YouTube with SEO tabs and keywords. This gets your business commercial up  in the rankings, and many times on the front page of Google and other large search engines because YouTube is a large preferred content provider and search engines rank videos much higher than regular sites.


7.) Lifetime Storage in all Formats: We store your commercial in all formats for life, so anytime you need it for any  project or airing compatibility needs, AMD will convert and send for you, even if you choose not to utilize our media buying department.

  As level 2 designs vary more than level 1 these examples are level 2 only. 50+ examples of both levels are available on request

PART - 2
 We engage your video on our platform for the area: Our net platform senses when someone is searching or speaking about online about your product or services, searching or speaking on Facebook posts and so on, then locks on to those devices (people) and  plays your video for them as soon as they visit one of the sites we service. (currently 95% of all sites that air video) Roku, streaming TV, internet, all platforms are included. It Is similar to the Google re-targeting system, where after searching for something you start seeing ads for that product or service, in video format, not a banner.

The ad video is played before they watch the video they came to the site to watch (pre-roll), just like when you go to YouTube to watch a video and a commercial plays first.  When someone is interested in utilizing your services while watching your ad they click on your video to go to your site. Total Impressions: Up to 30K per mo -( impressions are on demand as described, so impression count depends greatly on area your population in the area your business is located, and amount of searches are done in that area to match. - Ex. NYC would have a higher request for commercial impressions than  Wichita KS. )

Overview of entire process:Research Client Demo