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News Production Services

We can work with you and your newsroom at any stage of the production process for your TV News and multimedia needs. Our services include scriptwriting, storyboards, VOs and music, CG Animation, HD or standard, multimedia shoots; We can provide everything you need for your news production, training video, and more. We have established relations with several providers for newsroom focused media strategies.
After producing your newscast/video, we can help you deliver it; Whether you're looking to showcase your news product or service for TV broadcast, on the web through social media, or on disc as part of an interactive CD or DVD.


What is included?

1.) Full Voiceover Scripting: A professional TV commercial director will be scripting your TV commercial for your business. You can supply the script as well as you know your business better than we do, but the director will inspect it and make changes if necessary. Some of the same professional directors we use for our large clients.

 2.) Full editing - With the latest technology, and CGI capabilities, the only limits you have is your imagination.

3.) Dynamic, moving text - We can stylize your message to add flare and motion to catch the eye and have contact info static for ease of correspondence.

4.) Professional motion stills or full video: (if supplied by customer) - AMD will produce a motion still commercial of a previous print ad you have done in the past, or utilize pictures and motion text from our vast library of content to create a new commercial for you from scratch. You may supply us with a full motion video that can be incorporated as well.

5.) Carefully selected music: Quality stereo or Dolby 5.1 soundtrack for maximum impact. If you have a preference of genre we will be happy to accommodate.

6.) Professional voiceover narration: A professional voiceover actor will vocalizing the scripting the director laid out on storyboards for your TV commercial. There are some of the same professional actors we use for our large fortune 500 clients. *Some constraints apply. No celebrities are available.

7.) Video Proofing: a Windows-friendly video preview copy of your complete ad and 1 Broadcast version delivered to the network, station, or cable TV system for airing. You can make up to 4 changes.

8.) Your commercial will be posted: on YouTube with SEO keywords. This gets your business commercial up in the rankings, and many times on the front page of Google and other large search engines because YouTube is a large preferred content provider and search engines rank videos much higher than regular sites.

9.) Your commercial can be embedded: We will provide you with the embedding code so that your webmaster can embed the commercial into your website. We will also provide a direct link to the YouTube video of you would like to just link it instead of embedding it. Customers can now see your commercial at any time.

10.) Full broadcast ready: The final commercial will be ready for broadcast on any cable or broadcast TV network. We will take care of sending to them for you.

11.) Lifetime Storage in all Formats: We store your commercial in all formats for life, so anytime you need it for any project or airing compatibility needs, AMD will convert and send for you, even if you choose not to utilize our media buying department.

Onsite Production Crews available

Need a mobile television crew for your next remote production? American Media Distribution is your best crewing solution in the United States.

  1. Full shoot News Production
  2. Sporting events
  3. Reality Shows
  4. Documentaries

News Type

News Type

Additional AMD Commercial Services

Grip, Lighting, Camera & Rig Rentals

We offer a full range of production equipment to help bring your creative visions to reality. Equipment lists are constantly being updated and expanded so check back often for new items. 3 Ton Grip Trailer - Individual light rentals are available on request.
RED Scarlet, Lenses & Rigs

Our Production Team

From Concept to Completion, we can start at any stage of the production process, in-studio or on-site, for your multimedia needs.
Equipment rentals (video, audio, lighting), studio space rental, personnel including anything from a single cameraman to an advanced CGI / compositing editor to a full production team.

Post-Production & Editing Services 

Let AMD Studios put together your next Feature/Short Film, television, or other video project. You can send us your footage or upload it through our easy to use web portal.

We can provide online access to review & add comments to your project every step of the way.

AMD Studios can also work with rough edited files from Premier Pro or Final Cut Pro with an accompanying EDL or XML file.

Call for more info! Actors Services Whether you're sending taped auditions for a project out of town, in need of a demo reel or a professional website, or you're looking to showcase your talent with tailor-made, produced scenes we've got you covered. Check out our Actor Services Breakdown for more information.

Additional News Production Services

Studio production requires flexible solutions to efficiently create and deliver quality programming. At Imagine Communications, we provide infrastructure and content management tools that address every stage of the production workflow, while prioritizing creativity and reliable operations.


Our flexible media server and storage solutions support file and baseband video ingest and playout, with tailored solutions to meet all production needs. Native file ingest eliminates time-consuming conversion steps, retaining optimum quality while helping content editors work faster. Production speed is further accelerated through our storage solutions that support content editing immediately upon ingest, and quick program turnaround for live playout.  And our scalable storage platforms support bandwidth and capacity requirements in any live or studio production environment.


We also deliver integrated routing and control solutions that help content producers deftly manage the infrastructure, including acquisition and distribution of multiple camera feeds. Technical directors further benefit from built-in multiviewers that deliver pristine image quality and flexible, change-on-the-fly layouts to monitor camera and server feeds, as well as audio and data sources. In addition, low-latency processing and our test and measurement tools deliver clean, synchronized audio and video and improve overall quality control.

  • Advanced interoperability for seamless production workflows
  • Edit content immediately upon ingest for quick, reliable program turnaround
  • Native file support reduces conversions, saving time while retaining quality
  • Scalable, high-capacity platform supports multiple content editors on the same system
  • Centralized infrastructure to manage and monitor multiple feeds with ease