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Vendor Program Participant is hereby referred to as "VENDOR" - AMD News is hereby referred to as "AMD"

  • AMD will produce a 30 sec commercial spot for the vendor advertising their services at no charge. This would be a normal proofing process with Vendor signing off on commercial for approval before any commercial goes to distribution . 
  • AMD will play the commercials on our AMD targeting system at our own expense for as long as the vendor participates in this program.
  • AMD will have no contact with potential clients at any time in relevance to Vendors services.
  • Vendor is responsible for working with and providing info to AMD production department to produce the commercial in a timely manner
  • Vendor is responsible for filling out a short survey each 90 day period expressing their opinion.
  • Example survey:
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  • Vendor will provide a $250 refundable deposit in adherence to the deposit  term details below to ensure active participation. There is no scenario in which the deposit is not returned.  (additional details) 
  • If for any reason the vendor does not wish to continue after being in the program for 90 days after the initial start of your ad the full deposit will be returned.
  • Should both parties wish to continue in program after the 90 day period defined above then the deposit will be returned to the vendor in any circumstance after the feedback form has been returned, or the vendor wishes to be removed from the program.

Why is a deposit needed?

AMD News is investing a considerable amount of manpower and financial resources to put both parties in position to benefit in this program.   We tender the refundable deposit to ensure that the first steps move forward is in a timely and expeditious manner. We have no need for the deposit after the 90 day period.

Full deposit terms | Full program Terms

Example Survey
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A welcome email will be sent with full details on your production appointment and other procedures within 2 business days.




  1. Please fill out the entry form immediately: Click here or cut and paste: : https://americanmediadistribution.com/preferred-vendor-entry-info-form/

  2. Please reply to the initial welcome email that is sent immediately after filling out the form above

A welcome email will be sent with full details on your production appointment and other procedures within 2 business days.

We strive to make the process extremely easy, but if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: operations769 (at) amdheadlinenews.com