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Part-1 Recap (30) Sec Commercial Production

1.) Full Scripting: A professional digital commercial director can script your TV type digital commercial for your business. You can also supply the script as well, or just have us assist you with writing the script.

2.) Dynamic, moving text and effects- We can stylize your message to add flare and motion to catch the eye. 

3.) Professional motion stills or full video: (if supplied by customer) - AMD will produce a motion still or video commercial utilizing pictures/video you can supply or from our vast library of content, to create a new commercial for you from scratch. You may supply us with a full motion video that can be incorporated as well. 

4.) Music: Quality stereo or Dolby 5.1 soundtrack for maximum impact. Our sound technicians match your business to some royalty free music to enhance your comemrcial. If you have a preference of genre we will be happy to accommodate. You can choose to have no music at all and just the voice-over message as well. 

5.) Video Proofing: a Windows/YouTube-friendly video proofing method is used to make the experience easy to preview and send editing instructions

6.) You keep your commercial for life: AMD will supply you with the final commercials in a digital format so that you may utilize for your final production on any network or in any fashion you wish. Unlimited amount of airings with no additional royalty fees.

7.) Your commercial can be embedded: We will provide you with the embedding code so that your webmaster can embed the commercial into your website. We will also provide a direct link to the YouTube video if you would like to just link it instead of embedding it. Customers can now see your commercial at any time.

8.) Full broadcast ready: The final commercial will be ready for broadcast on any internet program, cable or broadcast TV network. We will take care of sending to them for you.

9.) Your commercial will be posted: on YouTube with SEO tabs and keywords. This gets your business commercial up in the rankings organically, and many times on the front page of Google and other large search engines because YouTube is a large preferred content provider and search engines rank videos much higher than regular sites.

10.) Storage in all Formats: We store your commercial in all formats for 3 years, so anytime you need it for any project or airing compatibility needs, AMD will convert and send for you, even if you choose not to utilize our media buying department. The 3 year time frame is reset every time you make an edit with us in the future. 



Part 2: Free Hyper Targeted Internet Spots

AMD will be airing your commercials in the intelligent  hyper-targeting event/party client targeting system.

The AMD WebAdz party client targeting system specifically targets event and party potential clients through monitoring of internet data across multiple platforms.

Our intelligent ad distribution system determines who is the perfect candidate, and plays your ad for that person on any of the 95% of the entire internet sites that carry video. Your ad is not just sitting on some site waiting for people to look at it. It is playing to ONLY potential party/event, it is "on demand" for only potential people who are planning up a party.


Here is why our system is so effective:

  1. Precision Hyper Re-Targeting:The AMD WebAdz hyper-targeting intelligent event/party client targeting system can target your specific geographic area,  and the perfect potential party/event customer by playing only as a "pre-play" type of video. Its most powerful feature is it's ability to process and target people planning parties and events through our intelligent algorithmic system, and the collection of social network data and search histories, utilizing the most accurate data with 100 data points per second. Most ads have to be purchased site by site or in a blast hoping someone in the area that happens to fall in your perfect customer's demographic watches the commercial. Once the system matches a person planning a party in your area it will follow and air you ad for them on one of our video sites we serve, which is currently 95% of the entire internet video serviced across the net.

 2. Only Cross platform system in the marketplace: Computers, Cell, The high Android™ and iOSdevices, set-topboxes, game consoles, and more. No other system delivers to more platforms

3. Customers click through to your site: When potential customers click a banner that is right next to the video that links to your website or link of your choice so that they can directly book a party, or ask questions.

5. Click through and commercial viewing report: At the end of your commercial  run we provide you with a click through viewing report. See example below  - click arrow on right below>>>


A welcome email will be sent with full details on production and other procedures within 2 business days. 

1. Full digital commercial production $0.00 at any time

2. 90 days unlimited view impressions $0.00 at any time

TOTAL = $0   See Full Overview Details

What next?

A welcome email will be sent with full details on your production appointment and other procedures within 2 business days. 





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A welcome email will be sent with full details on your production appointment  and other procedures within 2 business days.  

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