Money Back Guarantee general terms- Party Referral System

Client is hereby  referred to as “Participant”  – AMD News is hereby referred to as “AMD”

1. If after being in the program for 90 days after the payment of the program has been tendered, and you are not satisfied with the program for any reason, you have the option for a full 100% refund of your program entry fee.

2. CLIENT FULLY UNDERSTANDS: Immediately after refund is tendered client no longer owns the commercial produced for them by AMD and the client understands and agrees to the  following :

a) All rights to the commercial are hereby transferred back to AMD – all copyright laws apply

b)  Client understands and agrees any proofs, parts of or completed commercials sent to client are no longer client’s property and client cannot copy, air or reproduce any part of the proof, element, voice over or commercial as a whole in any way, on any media whatsoever. This includes postings on Facebook, YouTube and other passive or active posting sites or media methods. must be deleted immediately.

c) Client understands and agrees that any any proofs, parts of or completed commercials produced by AMD must be deleted immediately. This includes and commercial, part or in full that has had any edits or services completed from AMD

d.) THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO THE FOLLOWING: Commercial / Video that was given to AMD that did not require any edits/services whatsoever and was given as a whole to air on behalf of the client.

3. Only your full fee will be returned to you: AMD will ONLY be responsible for monies paid to AMD, and in no way be held liable or responsible in any way whatsoever for any additional expenditures,  loss or liability due to any circumstances that arise, related or unrelated to the program.

4. You have 15 days after program end (105 days after payment) to claim your refund.  Your refund claim can only be made after the 90 day period has passed, and before 106  days has passed since payment.


Any changes to this return policy has to be in writing and agreed upon by both parties.