Overview of free article program

Why are we offering completely free ads?

Free production and targeted online ads in exchange for response survey:

American Media Distribution is a US based news firm that is writing an article pertaining to the effectiveness of targeted online ads for local business.  This project is fully funded and paid for on our side. ABSOLUTELY NO credit card, personal info, vendor info, company info, or compensation of any kind is needed at any time to participate. 

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American Media Distribution will produce and play a custom digital 30 second targeted online commercial advertising your business in your local area for a period of 3 months,  in exchange for your feedback on how effective the run was for your business.

  1. Your commercial is professionally produced with any promotional content and message you wish to include, proofing, approval process and so on; as if you had hired a digital production service, but again, no charge at any time.
  2. American Media Distribution will play the commercials on an internet targeting network for a period of 90 days, (again, no cost now or in the future).
  3. Participant is responsible for filling out a short survey at end of 90 day period (no sensitive info required)

That's it! The staff makes this a quick and easy process.  (watch short project overview video below) 


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Contact Reporter Project Director Mr. Scott Penner


(877) 927-9666 x718

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Although there is no cost to participate, there is a limited amount of companies needed to participate. Entry is on a "first come, first serve" basis.


  • Your business can not have more than 100 employees
  • Your business must be located in the continental US
  • Your business must not be promoting tobacco, alcohol, firearms, or any adult content whatsoever. (normal broadcast rules)
  • Your business is willing to take a short survey after your ad run is complete (no sensitive info, questions regarding responses -example of survey)

For further information on our firm> About us