My New Mobile App

You simply can't afford NOT to have a mobile app!

If you are an owner of a small to medium-sized enterprise, and are looking into creating a mobile app for your business, then look no further

as My New Mobile App will create simple or customized mobile apps for your small business.

Lowest cost, unlimited downloads of your app!


Average increase in customer loyalty business is 25-35 percent!

You simply can't afford NOT to have a mobile app!


"Well, I have a mobile version of my site"

90% of mobile activity is through apps, not websites 

Mobile apps offer faster access to content and smoother interactions. Several recent statistics support the convenience of using mobile apps. According to Flurry Analytics' 2016 and 2017 survey measuring time that mobile users are spending surfing the internet, 90% of users prefer using applications to mobile websites.

Another line of research by comScore affirms that from 2013 to 2017, the amount of time that mobile users spend surfing the web has grown more than 60%. Significantly, 90% of this growth relates to mobile applications.

  • Convenience. Analysis shows that the applications are more popular than equivalent websites, as they're more convenient. Mobile apps provide better user experiences, load content faster, and are easier to use. Besides, unlike websites, apps have push notifications. Sharing updates, special features, and reminders within an app increases customer loyalty and retention. Also, the design of mobile apps fits different screen sizes more elegantly than websites.
  • Personalization. Mobile apps are a great solution for services that require regular use. An application allows users to set preferences, create personal accounts, and keep vital information at hand. From a business point of view, mobile apps provide better support for targeting an audience and therefore building marketing campaigns for different groups of users.
  • Working offline. Another crucial advantage related to mobile apps is the opportunity to use them offline. As apps are installed on a mobile device, they can keep providing access to content and features even without an internet connection.

My New Mobile App can create cross-platform mobile apps that include features such as:

Unlimited amount of users can download!!! This is virtually unheard of in the mobile app market as most other hosts charge you for quantity of downloads. We will host an unlimited amount of downloads.  

  • Sell products through App with In-App purchase
  • Ability to link your mobile website, blog & RSS feed
  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube
  • App accessible in offline/airplane mode
  • Request a Quote Feature
  • Appointment Request form
  • One click Call
  • Give customers turn by turn GPS directions to your business
  • Membership, Loyalty card & Discount Coupons
  • Event Calendar feature
  • Announce Specials & Events to app users via Push Notifications.
  • Showcase your Business using Photo Gallery integration with Picasa, Flickr, Instagram


Understand your customers

How many bookings has this customer made? How many stamps did they collect on their loyalty card? Find all this information in the detailed customer profile and use them to send personalized offers, that you can send directly to your customers via push notifications. An easy customer management so you can focus on offering your customers a better service.


Unparalleled Individual and direct customer contact

With the live chat feature you have an exclusive and direct communication channel with your customers. You can use it to send personalized offers to your customers, as well as your customers can contact you for inquiries, reservations or bookings. Address your customers in a more personal way and establish this way a strong and long-lasting customer relationship.


More  Features (many other custom features not listed.)

Membership, Loyalty card & Discount Coupons

Send "PUSH" message to your customers that instantly show on their phone - no text, no email needed

Send "Start Up" messages to your customers every time they run your app.

Custom backgrounds for each page in your app, or use one of the dozens of images in our free library.

Your custom icons for each function in your app, or use any of the icons in our free library.

Custom splash image to be displayed when your app starts.

Never be more than a tap away from your customers with the included Click-to-Call function.

Encourage conversations amongst your fans within your app - Live Chat Rooms and Facebook Style Community Walls

We will create a completely custom experience by inserting your own HTML5 & in-line javascript & CSS for truly interactive experiences.

Share your photo portfolio, or just your latest food pictures, referrals, testimonials and more, instantly with all your fans. There's even instant photo sharing with Picasa Instant Upload

Track your app's usage and downloads - Free included Stats Dashboard

Your app published as a mobile web site accessible to over 5,000 HTML5 enabled smartphones and in the Google play market to millions of smartphone users

Keep your content fresh and keep your users coming back - No Charge for Changes

Promote your app through a free included custom QR Code & Hundreds of Dollars of marketing bonuses

In-App Purchase

Sell products from within the app

Push Notifications

Announce specials, news & events to app users


Social Integration

Integration with Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn & YouTube



Give customers turn by turn GPS directions to your business


Quote Requests

Request a quote feature lets
customers show interest


Customer Loyalty

Membership, loyalty card & discount coupons